August 24, 2011

Jacques Villeneuve is an embarrassment

Granted, it's hard being the son of a legend but frere Jacques is a specialist in foot in mouth disease.

Fresh from proclaiming Kimi Raikkonen undeserving of his 2007 World Championship, he reminded the world why nobody ever liked him with an embarrassing display on the very track baring his family name this past week.

Not that this was the fist time Villeneuve showed "deserving world champion" judgement after an off, you all remember this classic of course...5 cars hit in just one accident! Check it out after the jump

Maybe it would be better if JV sticks to his most excellent music then:

on second thought...



  1. I think that Villeneuve means "douchebag" in French. He constantly pulls stuff that I do in Gran Turismo in real life, (using other cars as brakes, cutting across the grass, etc).

    1. That is unfair a douchebag has a useful purpose. I am contacting any sponsor who sponsors Villeneuve and tell them I'm not buying their products.

  2. JV didn't deserve his championship. Never led another lap (in F1) after winning that championship and has badmouthed the sport since they gave him the kick to the curb he deserved. Always hated the loudmouth because of how callous and rude he is towards people with more talent and more class. They should have black flagged that idiot right after that collision. He also took out a bunch of cars at Road America as well. It's amazing the no talent hack gets a ride anywhere, he can't race clean and he always talks about how no one else deserves what they've earned.

  3. I admit Villeneuve can do some pretty stupid stuff sometimes but not always at fault. The incident in V8 supercars is irrelevant, he followed is line and closed the door on blue car (forgot his name) and then got pushed by the red car and made him spun. He tried to go back in it a little aggressively but that's racing and his father was also a very aggressive driver. Speaking of douchebag, where's the video of Mr. Wallace taking out Patrick Carpentier at the hair pin??? Here's a clown that is not at his first time taking other racers out and that's just this year. Pat's crew chief seem to think the same trying to rip his head off in pitlane

  4. Mr. Wallace is a rookie if I'm not mistaken. He also doesn't go around beating his chest about no one deserving a championship, how everyone else sucks, and who's ruining Formula 1 whenever he fancies. There's a difference between a wild race car driver, and a loudmouth moron riding on his fathers legacy. Steven Wallace doesn't ride on his fathers name. JVs car won that championship in 1997, not JV. His racing record since then has proved it.

  5. Let the man keep ruining his reputation, or what's left of it. He'll certainly go down in the list of poor f1 champions and sore losers.

  6. Why is this place so full of sour people? FFS just take it easy, hes only human.....

  7. This is Cway27 writing from crappy Iphone...In regards to Uhhuh's comment..... You gotta be freaking kidding!! JV's father died driving his balls out almost 40 years ago. What legacy his he riding on???? Jack ass Wallace is not a rookie BTW and could drive like a donkey and be as dumb as a stump and he'll always have millions behind him. If someone's riding on their legacy's name is Mr. Wallace. Son of Rusty, nephew of mike and Kenny and drives for the family team..... Please before you talk shit, get your facts straight.

  8. Nothing JV has accomplished has been because of his talent. He was given the best car in 1997 by a country mile and never led a lap after that season. He's gotten drives and contracts because of his last name because his performances were never up to a champions level. Yes, he's beaten various teammates over the years. That doesn't mean shit when you don't even lead a lap. Maybe you haven't heard, but he said that Kimi didn't deserve his 2007 WDC. Excuse me but Kimi kicked everyones ass the last 5-6 races and came back from a huge deficit. If that's not a champions drive then his walk away season with the best car is certainly not. Look at what he's accomplished since then and tell me having the last name of Villeneuve hasn't gotten him anything. Doesn't matter how his Dad died, it's the lack of talent and class that makes JV such a shithead. There is video proof in this post. The guy is a dumbass, no talent hack.

    Guys like Alonso, Raikkonnen (who's many mechanical failures lost him at least 2 WDCs), Hamilton, Schumacher are all successful because they are good. Not because the car is good. JV has never been successful outside of that one winning year, he's sucked royally his whole career since then in every form of motorsport he's been in. Steven Wallace is a wild card, I'll give you that. Many young guys start out tearing everything up they drive. Jeff Gordon was that way. Tony Stewart was that way. If people will sick with Steven he'll mature. JV is 30 past that point and he does shit like a green as can be rookie. He's caused to MASSIVE accidents due to his stupidity.

  9. LMAO While I'll agree that JV ain't the best driver out there and even that his car won his championship rather than him. Lets just take a look at those great drivers UhHuh mentioned.

    Alonso - Teflonso say no more
    Raikkonnen - Car breaker
    Hamilton - title won in the most controversial season of all time, would he have been champion if Piquet junior hadn't crashed deliberately in singapore?
    Schumacher - I'm a big fan but even I can admit that at least 2 of his championships were tainted.

    Lets go a little further...
    Stewart - annoying opinionated spanner
    Prost - took out Senna to win a championship
    Senna - took out Prost to win a championship
    Mansell - best car in the field by a long way
    Jody Schekter - handed his title by Gilles Villenueve
    Sebastian Vettel - best car in the field by a long way
    Jenson Button - best car in the field by a long way
    Damon Hill - best car in the field by a long way

    I could keep going but I hope my points are getting through, if not here they are...

    Jaques Villenueve won a world championship. FACT

    There has never been an F1 world champion that somebody hasn't accused of being undeserving. FACT

    We are all just flawed humans even the legendary ones. FACT

  10. @George remember, it was JV who said Raikkonen did not deserve the win.

    I think if JV was trying to say it a a response to those criticizing his own win, well then he picked a really bad example. Not only that but his own driving antics put him in a bad place to start dissing others.
    I imagine he's very frustrated because he's the "other Villeneuve" who despite having had more statistical success than his dad, nobody really likes much.

  11. Well... thank God for George... Fact is, Villeneuve is a guy that everyone loves to hate... Yes he is a big mouth and yes he makes stupid mistakes.... big deal... show may a driver that doesn't??? You guys are all whining that the car won his 97 F1 title... Where is Schumaker now??? Considered to be the best F1 driver ever by many while he was driving the invincible Ferrari... He can barely stay mid pack with an average car...

  12. Well... Schumacher at least has seven...Not only that but Schumacher was responsible for dragging Ferrari back into the win column after 20 years. Villeneuve thought he could build a team around him too, didn't quite work out as well though, did it?

  13. BAR was a new team.... new owners... new staff... new car... even when bought back by Honda the team went nowhere.. they certainly did no better then with Jacques... We are not exactly taking about a Ferrari outfit here...

  14. Hmm... let me see, BAR became Brawn... but they did not deserve to win the championship either :)

  15. To uhhuh, who cares about the video posted above. I could post videos till tomorrow of drivers taking other racers out. Did you just started to have interest in this sport or what!! You think JV is all about drama well the entire F1 circus is all about drama and it's been like that for years. Yes JV had a good car in 97 but so was Damon hill the previous year and where is he now..... F1 is F1 and thats that.

    Unlike other drivers who got where they are because of their tits, cash, special connections, JV raced every possible series before getting to F1 and won championships. You seem to remember nothing but F1 but how about the indycar championship he won in your own country in 1995-1996.

    Like I said before, yes JV talks shit and sometimes his ass is where is mouth is but the fact is, he doesn't drive any different then his dad did or his uncle. JV doesn't ride on the family's legacy cause there aint one. People remember his dad because he drove like a mad man all the time, not because he brought home 7 championships like Shumi., he barely took 10 wins in all his career which was 5 years.

    young teams don't like his driving style but old teams do like Mr. Penski.

    Anyways enough said. Great topic to debate on. Next one on the list....

    1. Thank you. I was waiting for someone to pull head from ass. Not one mention of Indy car (or Indy Lights) in all that piss and venom. Granted I'm a big Kimi fan and didn't appreciate the comment but while JV always has been a bit of a DB, he can drive. I was an Alesi fan @ the time of his F1 career so when it can down to the end of the race I always supported JV to beat Shumwrecker.

  16. to AC...

    Seriously? Bar was founded in 1999 when they purchased "Tyrrell"!!!!! It was sold to Honda in 2005 and it became Brawn in 2009 (the year of their WCC). Had Villeneuve been driving the car in 2009 he would have won the championship... as a matter of fact... must top F1 drivers would have won the WCC.

    btw... I never said Brawn didn't deserve the win.

    You are only as good as your car... That's the point I was making with Schumacher

  17. All these points about championship this or that, or who's car is better than whomever else are totally moot. The dumbest people here are the teams and owners that STILL to this day after 15 years of utter mediocrity to utter incompetence, let this guy steer their equipment.

  18. @Cway27

    Sometimes shoots his mouth of and gets it wrong? Hardly. The dude has his lips firmly welded to his asshole and toots his own horn and derides everyone else when he can. Dude won 1 championship in F1 and one in Indy cars. Since then he's been a midpack whiner. He gets to NASCAR and starts ramming people. JV sucks and everyone knows it. Hell, if he were so great he wouldn't have been losing 8-10 seconds a lap to TK in the 24 hours of Le Mans in 2008. I could see a few, but not 8-10 per lap and in the Audi documentary Marc Gene was giving him advice about Le Sarth and he blew him off. JV is a arrogant asswipe that can't help but shove his foot firmly in his mouth at every given opportunity. Put the "undeserving" Raikkonen up against him in the same equipment and Kimi will wipe the floor with his ass. Just like the entire F1 paddock did after 1997. Ever since then he never showed any remarkable speed in any of his other teams or cars. Guys like Lewis and Fernando continually drive a car beyond it's abilities. Guys like JV don't and then make excuses when they can't.

  19. @UhHuh

    So you don't like him much then... There is no reasoning with people like you... heck it's not even fun to debate this topic with you because your arguments are not based on facts (which you obviously don't have) but fueled by your hatred for the guy... Read your last post... It's nothing but an emotional rant... You sound like a woman.... oh wait a minute...

  20. I'm sorry Chris. What facts am I missing?

  21. @UhHuh

    Well... for starters... All of these guys (Alonso, Lewis, Vettel, etc) have won championship in the best cars available that year...

    Take a look at this for example:

    1996 Damon Hill Williams
    1997 Jacques Villeneuve Williams
    1998 Mika Häkkinen McLaren
    1999 Mika Häkkinen McLaren
    2000 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
    2001 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
    2002 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
    2003 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
    2004 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
    2005 Fernando Alonso Renault
    2006 Fernando Alonso Renault
    2007 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari
    2008 Lewis Hamilton McLaren
    2009 Jenson Button Brawn
    2010 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull

    See the pattern?

    Who do you think will win the championship this year? My money is on Red Bull… oops sorry Vettel.
    Where are Schumacher or Alonso now? Schumacher’s record this year is Ret/9/8/12/6/Ret/4/17/9/8/Ret….
    How many times have I heard Alonso say "we were not fast enough today"....

    Villeneuve is a fast driver (all team owners will agree to that)… His biggest downfall is his loud mouth and the fact that he has been looking for a ride for so long now that he drives anything… He would probably race lawnmowers if he was given the opportunity.
    The pressure to outperform every one on the field to get noticed has to be incredible… When you know you’re driving an entire season, it’s easy to take second or third and just earn some valuable points… It’s not an option for him…

    Finlly here is a quote from Frank Williams on Villeneuve to prove my point.

    <<<"Jacques was as good as all those guys," Williams states flatly. "It is always horses for courses, the style of car that is required, the drivers you are up against in the championship. But Jacques was as good as any we’ve ever had."
    "The facts are that Jacques chose to move to a team (BAR) and remain loyal to a team that, despite the fanfare, never quite got into the first group,” insists Williams.
    “You can’t fault his loyalty. He can’t be blamed for what he did. But what we have here is one of the basic tenets of Formula One: no matter how good he is, a driver is always coloured by his car. Put Michael in a Minardi and he might move it up the grid a few rows. But no more. Give Jacques a better car and I’m sure he’ll do better." >>>>

  22. @chris. I think we are all in agreement that Villeneuve is an ass when he speaks out. Maybe he's a great guy in person but his public persona is, shall we say, not too successful? Plus his driving is boneheaded since f1

    I think you can look at the championships since 07 save for the Brawn year and they could have gone either way. When Villeneuve won, Williams made this years red bull seem just pretty good....

  23. @Chris

    How many of those drivers placed about their teammates when things got tough? How many of those drivers weren't midfield whiners that never performed above what was expected of their cars. Everyone on that list has been known for getting better than what the car could give on any given day. You make your own luck in Formula 1. JV decided rather than making his own luck it was in his best interest to mouth off at every given opportunity. My statements still stand and I'd put money on anyone in your list kicking the crap out of JV in the same equipment. With the exception of maybe Raikkonen, and that's a big maybe, and perhaps Michael this year they've all been better than their teammates in equal equipment. Michael has been out of the game for awhile and Kimi had a weird spell but both are dangerously fast and both have been criticized by a driver that's amounted to a hill of beans ever since he won his championship. JV has got talent, but not as much as his mouth makes out to be. I suspect he closed alot of doors with his brash opinions of others.

  24. @uhHuh

    What???? They've all been better than their teammates in equal equipment??? really... You really need to look at how Michael won his championship... Jacques never had the luxury of having a bitch (Irvine, Salo and Barrichello) as a teammate... Have you ever seen one of Jacques' teammate step on the brake 10 feet before the finish line to let him win????

    I haven't.

  25. Okay, you got me on that one! Michael never really had an equal teammate, but he's also known for being a great driver. A cheater, but a great driver. When JV had to race his teammates he never really stood head and shoulders above them, unlike Alonso/Raikkonen/Hamilton.

  26. @uhHuh check the 97 stats and see how JV fared vs HHF, I wouldn't just call it head and shoulders above his teammate, JV totally destroyed him. JV was doing well in Montreal up to that f -up, he done pretty damn good in his recent Nascar races out of 7 races he's done in Nationwide he's finished 3rd twice, 4th once, and a 8th. For such little seat time I think those are some solid drives.. JV has always shot his mouth off, that's just who he is and it makes for entertaining reading and that is why he still gets interviewed. And as much as I think Kimi is pretty awesome that rally career isn't exactly going so hot now is it? Doesn't change my opinion of him but it would seem you should by the way you judge a driver.


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