August 30, 2011

Ferrari 430 Ouch!

Tough day for Colombian driver Felipe "Pipe" Merjech.
Merjech was driving his 430 Challenge, possibly the only one in Colombia in the 3 Hours of Bogota.
As you can see from the first part of the video, with most cars being mid 90s hot hatches, it's basically an exercise in dodging slower traffic.

Not everything is slower than the 430 however, that pesky little yellow car in the rear view mirror in a Salamandra, a colombian built bike engined prototype. The Salamandra is quite clearly faster in the corners though the Ferrari pulls away on the straights. You can probably see where this is going... the good thing is no humans were injured and even the Ferrari looks to have pulled though incredibly well considering the impact.
Not sure how the underwear of the marshal atop the tower the 430 hits fared.

A side note, for you fans of SpeedTV Latinoamérica, that is Diego Mejia in the yellow Clio Cup getting passed at around 3:15. Diego won the Touring Class. Motorsport Journalist that are actual tracktards FTW!

(Thanks to Andres and CG for the local reporting!)



  1. The Salamandra went for a gap that wasn't really there, but the Ferrari driver didn't give him many other choices, slamming the door repeatedly and running the Salamandra over the curbs/grass a few times. Keep that behavior up long enough, eventually the guy you're holding up is going to make a desperate move to get by you.

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  3. Is that the Andres I am thinking about...? lol

  4. This is obviously a Maserati.

  5. Pretty sure that's a Lambo, dude.

    Also, cross-blog meme posting FTW.

  6. Must have sucked to have been that flag worker

  7. That's one of the dumbest moves I've seen in 2011. Looked like something from NASA Northeast.

  8. That is some balls-out crazy mixed-spec racing right there. The 430 obviously had the overall performance and speed to beat the little go-kart but daaaaum that is some hairy close-quarters dicing going down.

    Why are there not more televised south-american endurance racing events to watch? I'd be glued to the set for a race like this.

  9. Jeff, I agree, this is overboard mixed-spec racing, the Yugo-type cars make this super dangerous for the fast guys. Yep, the Ferrari had the straight line speed, but the lighter cars ate him up in the corners. I don't envy the Ferrari driver here, he had too much on his plate.


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