July 11, 2011

Watch Fernando Alonso Drift the 1951 Ferrari 375 F1

Before the 2011 British GP at Silverstone, Fernando Alonso got to drive Bernie Ecclestone own Ferrari 375 F1. It was in this same car that José Froilán "Cabezón" Gonzáles won the 1951 British GP amidst the corn fields of Silverstone.

I'm surprised nobody complained Alonso got an unfair advantage getting extra laps behind that glorious 4500cc Lampredi V12... oh wait, it's the internet, I'm sure someone has. :). Nando's first lap is for waving but then he takes another extra lap for a little vintage style 4 wheel drifts...nice!



  1. Wow, it must takes balls of steel to drift a priceless car like this one. Specially when it belongs to one B. Ecclestone.

  2. Edit : "Look ma, No seatbelts!"
    Ha ha ha, The look on Bernie's face when Nando goes for the second lap is priceless. Does not seem like it was part of the script, was it?

  3. I'm surprised Ferrari didn't invite Froilan to silverstone. Luckily he was invited to comment in argentina's transmission.
    What a beatiful car.

  4. Would have been alot better if they would shut the hell up so we could hear the car! It's not like there's a priceless car going around the track with a fantastic driver at the wheel, no need to focus on him. It's better to show other people talk about what's going on rather than show it.

  5. yes if anyone has a link without the incessant announcer prattle that would be nice!

  6. Does wearing a HANS device make it more or less dangerous when you don't have over the shoulder harnesses? Thoughts?

  7. Fernando Alonso has a ton of class.

    But why oh why couldn't they cut the prattle so we can hear the car? And why zoom in so we can only see the front wheel -- we want to see the driver driving the car!

    Oh well, be thankful for what we got.


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