July 26, 2011


You almost feel bad for Vettel and Webber beige hybrid and all

But where's Adrian? oh right, my bad :)

And the classic...



  1. I love that video with Fernando. You can really see his super quick and aggressive turn in style. I read that ferrari have had to alter the steering on the f150 (it is rumored with a larger diameter "wheel") to slow down his initial turn in to save the tires and make him smoother.

  2. The Webber & Vettel video needed more 'Days of Thunder rent-a-car hooning the boobs and crashing into each other' awesomeness...

  3. Looks like it was a preview of the actual race.
    Webber boggs the start then passes Vettel later on.

  4. Webber gave him a good dig with the comment about not being faster at home.


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