July 21, 2011

Axis of Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific!


Another full week end of racing around the world, F1 in Germany, ALMS, IMSA GT3 Challenge in Canada and on the other side of the world it's the second round of the 2011 Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific on the Shanghai International Circuit.

... wait a minute...what is that I see???

That's right, our friend HFO (and we can call him Axis HFO from now on), Hideki Francis Onda has added the Axis logo to his awesome Tunewear/Focal Point inc. Ferrari 458 Challenge for this week end's race in China. Axis HFO knows well that the simple addition of an Axis logo will cut a minimum of 1.3 secs off your best lap time!!

Thank you Francis and have fun ripping that 458 Challenge in China!

Axis Stickers are available HERE



  1. Nice to see the Axis supported around the world!

    I noticed the interesting webbing on the rims and I'm wondering if it's just for looks or is it because race car?

  2. So if I set my VW Corrado tight in the back and put your logo on my car it will drop the same amount off my time?


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