July 6, 2011

1968 Ferrari 312 F1


So who showed up at your local track day?

Check out this article, featuring the work one of our favorite shooter, Julian Mahiels on Sports Car Digest

This one is not bad either..


  1. Oh boy, two amazing cars, to say the least. Were you guys able to get some video? Or at least audio?

    I require aural pleasure in Ferrari and BMW form!

  2. I've done a small fly by clips of a recent F1 but I didn't had the memory space to do more. Next time I'll be more prepared for videos

  3. Those are very nice to be sure. I'd happily take the little Dino off their hands, however. It's only a small thing, nobody would miss it surely....

  4. Wow...very nice...

    Is there a wallpaper size file for that Ferrari 312?


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