June 9, 2011

Tony Stewart gets stuck in Hamilton's F1car

OK, this is funny, well played!
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  1. Tony should have responded with a follow up like "How's your year going so far Lewis?" or "Fit like Vettel maybe!??"

  2. Or but i like burgers for brekfast

  3. Or, "I was racing Indy cars when you were in diapers". Seriously, everyone forgets Tony Stewarts open wheel career, they think he has only driven in NASCAR.

  4. then Hamilton could say, "yeah, old and fat.. that's a combination that really doesn't work in F1"

  5. Being old and fat doesn't work in F1? What about Mansell? Hahahaha. Great to see good humor between the two, it's going to be awesome to watch the swap on SpeedTV. Really interested to hear Lewis' take on the swap more so than Tonys' take.


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