June 15, 2011

Spot on

Today's article about Lewis Hamilton on Darren Heath's blog nails it.

"...Lewis Hamilton appears to be square in the storm’s path right now and it’s baffling to behold. In a team that likes to love him, and with a world championship in his pocket, a race-winning car to drive and all the trappings of an F1 driver’s life, Lewis ought to be finding everything sweet. So where’s it all going wrong?

Perhaps he’s frustrated by the torrent of success a certain young(er) German is enjoying right now? Maybe his ever-so-popular team-mate, the loved-by-everyone, easy-to-manage, happy-with-life guy that is Jenson Button, is winning the intra-team mind games? Has his head been turned by XIX Entertainment’s stellar world of ‘talent’ and the attention of rappers, basketball players, girl band singers and sundry wannabes?

Who knows?..."

Read the complete article HERE and while you are there don't miss the amazing photos, as usual..


  1. seems the truth. in a wet race, job #1 is the finish the damn thing by keeping your head down and playing the long game. lewis' driving talent is undeniable, but his race craft can be very erratic. he complained about the team choosing the 'wrong 7th gear' etc for quali, but it was precisely that setup that enabled jenson to win and would have enabled him to trounce jenson. :shrug:

  2. Ron is gone, his dad is gone, McLaren seem much less, well for the lack of a better word, strict.

    He kind of reminds me the first time I experienced full on independence, I was 15, had the home to myself for 3 weeks, parents and sister were overseas. Shit seriously went down and life had no discipline what so ever. I get the feeling that Lewis is experiencing full on independence for the first time in his life, no Ron, no dad, no team telling him what to do.

    He no longer has that father figure looking over him.

    Consequently, he is sloppy, that's the only way I can describe him, palms off the blame to others when something goes wrong and just seems rawer, hes lost that polish he had.

    Seriously though, why were all those people in the garage in the first place during the race, it might have been red flagged, but it was race conditions. I mean fucking Ice-T and Coco were in there, why? I couldn't believe that, why were they even down there and not up in the corporate boxes, do that shit after the race, not during.

    When they cut to Ron, he looked bewildered, like he didn't want to be there anymore. If he were still in charge he would straight up go medieval on Lewis and all those people.

    All that crap is starting to show on the track, the argument is that on track he's entertaining and he will take out people in the process, But this is getting ridiculous. Lewis clinically overtaking like he used too is entertaining, that is whats great about Lewis, not running into other drivers like he is at the moment.

    And hes being managed by an entertainment group (why?).
    And that shitty chin strap beard he still has.
    And Rihanna.

  3. That was a bloody essay wasn't it?
    Fucking Rihanna.

  4. Haha... Ron Was in Montreal BTW...he must have been fuming when he saw Hamilton talking to Red Bull and then crashing with Button.

  5. Mr. Heath's and this blog are my two favorites. I was never that impressed from Hamilton from Day 1. I thought he drove like a bully in a go kart and he got away with so much because driver's yielded to him, much like a certain German in the past...

    I was so happy to see Alonso stand up to Hamilton and Mclaren and call "bullshit" on everyone. I think the rest of the world is starting to come around now. Hamilton has had a few good drives, but then so have Button, Webber, and Massa but the hype for them is so much more down to Earth.

    Button really showed his team mate the way in Montreal, a track that Hamilton supposedly owns, and I suspect it will not be the last time this season.

    It's time for Hamilton to go to NASCAR where his soap opera life style will fit right in.

  6. He can't keep conducting himself like this. But, he's still sort of a kid.

  7. You know what always gets me? From the Motoring press there seem to be always excuses for Ham. I'm guessing if it had been Kobayashi pulling that move on Webber the condemnation would have been universal.

    It's like Ham is the only 25 year old F1 driver who wants to overtake...

  8. I don't want to make excuses for him, because he's doing a lot of silly things and making a lot of stupid mistakes. I guess I just put it aside a lot because it wasn't too long ago I was that age myself, and I wasn't a formula 1 champion -- I was drunk in my or someone's apartment at college passed out under a table and I know how I acted back then.

    Put my early 20's self in a McLaren and somehow inject me with that amount of talent and I'm sure I'd be hot headed, cry about stuff, blame other people for my mistakes, and generally act like a 23 year old. I don't see how being in F1 suddenly means you have to act 35 and be a responsible adult? I mean yes, other people can (Kobayashi, Vettle, etc), but other people did when I was that age too. I just didn't fit that archetype. I don't think he does either, he's an early 20 year old with an F1 car that likes Benz with 24"s on them and hanging out with rappers.

    Sometimes he does great things and acts like a World Champion, sometimes he crashes into Button for no reason what so ever and then hangs out with Rhianna and Ice-T...

    I don't really try to understand it, but he's still my favorite personality in F1 currently. What can I say, I guess I like my drama even in motor racing?

  9. I truly appreciate The Axis, and your linking fantastic sites such as Heath's into the chatter demonstrates why.

    IMHO, Hamilton really blew it in Montreal. He had a chance to move on from Monaco, but instead chose to remain in the muck.

    No amount of finesse over the curbs in practice can cover for what appears to be a deeper battle waging within.

    I was fortunate to attend the GP weekend . . . have some pix that I'll soon be posting on my site, flat-12.com . . . Hopefully there's a decent one of Carlos' GT3 efforts to throw into the mix

  10. Why do you guys hate Hamilton so much?
    He's frustrated with not being in the position to win more championships and having bad luck when all the good luck is going Vettels way. He needs to cool down a bit but he dosent deserve all the negative comments. Button made as many overtaking mistakes as Hamilton at Montreal but everyone loves him. Do you all want a risk averse, sanitised F1?


  11. I don't remember any overtaking mistakes by Button in Montreal....

  12. Taking out Alonso.....


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