June 15, 2011

Smartycam at LeMans

IMSA GT3 Challenge competitors at last week race in Montreal were warned by FOM that if any onboard cameras were found a mega ( and I mean MEGA) fine would be levied.
I guess "all your pictures belongs to us" when it comes to Bernie's empire who after all needs to buy his 22 year old daughter a modest residence in Bel Air. The saddest part of course is that the IMSA race go no exposure or broadcast anywhere outside of the on track jumbotrons.

The ACO is apparently much more lenient . Here is some onboard from a Smartycam mounted in the Robertson Racing Ford GT of Mr and Mrs Robertson and David Murry.

Interesting to learn that the Mulsanne straight is not the fastest part of track anymore, top speed looks to be in the section from Mulsanne corner to Indianapolis: 176mph for the Ford. Of course even at those speeds the GT cars get passed by the prototype cars like they are standing still...end of post


  1. Danggg look at that brake trace. I hope that's mrs. robertson.

  2. I make it 177mph.

    Oh wait, my Pedantry License expired last year! :)


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