June 8, 2011

Renault Sport going for new Nürburgring lap record

8:09, keep that number handy. The teaser video and info was sent to us by one of our readers who certainly would know. The car, a new limited edition version of the Megane 3, might be named Megane 3 Trophy and it will go after Renault's own FWD record of 8:17 set with the R26R. But while the R26R was a true, honest to god, factory clubsport model with no rear seats, plastic windows, a half cage, bucket seats and sticky tires, this new car does not have any radical weight saving modifications at all, just suspension tweaks and more power.

If you've ever encountered a Megane 3 RS you will definitively remember its sound, nothing quite like it anywhere. I saw a couple making the VIP passenger rounds between races in Monaco last month, they certainly hauled. By the way, did you know the Nissan GT-R is not the only car with onboard performance display/recorder? Check this out

Like any turbo motor, you know extra power is just a chip away and only limited by how long you expect the engine to live. Getting a factory "chipped" engine has all the advantages of having the best engineers work out the right compromises.
What, don't feel like the factory is giving you enough power?...Ok, obviously you are braking too much because Renault Sport is shooting to beat the time set by the radical R26R, by a lot!

For reference, the new hot small car of the moment, the BMW 1M set an impressive Nürburgring lap time of 8:12... will Renault do it? find out June 17th as the say...I'm guessing they have already.

So what does the Renault Megane 3RS feel like? Let's take a ride and enjoy that peculiar giant blowing sound in our reader's Mega3RS at Spa. It is not the 'Ring model but it shares engine tuning. Nice line coming up out of Eau Rouge man!

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  1. And Spa in an R26R: http://vimeo.com/4500072

    That car did UK to the 'ring and back in a weekend with about fifteen laps of the 'ring and 70, yes 70, laps of Spa before returning home without missing a beat. Brilliant car.

  2. I'm guessing Dale over at BTG will be the first to know how it panned out for Renault sport. He has been seeing the cars try pretty hard.

  3. interesting that they seem to be running the heavier, optional 19in wheels.

  4. holy wastegate batman.

  5. this may be quite nerdy, but this is the first HD on board of SPA that I have seen and the curbs are fascinating


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