June 28, 2011

Dear Formula 1....


If a driver has to radio his engineers: "I'm going as slow as I can", that's a clue something may be wrong ...
(photo: Daniel Navarro Ferrer)


  1. Alright, no reason to be a negative nancy, sometimes people just use generic pictures. Anyway, I do agree with you, I miss that exploration of the grey area of the rules in the pursuit of speed that came with the 80s and the subsequent turbo era.

  2. Dear AC

    Your head is slowly finding its way up your own ass. The old AC was a lot better.

  3. I'm not sure one comment over the radio can be used to judge the overall state of F1, I think it says lots about this one particular driver, in this case, Hamilton. His team has been all over him about overheating his rear tires, this is not the fist time. I think the racing, aside from the Vettel dominance, is brilliant this year as it is really showing which drivers can manage everything and which ones cannot...

  4. @Andrew: hahahaha...the one time I try to be kind to Hamilton and that's what I get! sheesh LOL OK I'll bash harder.

    @Colin, I'm sure you recognized it as a provocative statement FWIW... After watching endurance racing where teams will literally drive as fast as the car will go and plow through traffic for hours on end, I just wish for a slightly more resilient F1.... but then again, there are lots of thing I wish for F1 that are just not happening...

  5. "I just wish for a slightly more resilient F1"

    Soooo all 24 cars finishing in Valencia was not resilient? I'd think it's exactly that reliability (in the pursuit of 'cost effectiveness' ) that has eliminated the possibility of the race leader blowin halfway through the race cause they turned the wick up.

    You're starting to sound confusing, a bit. NOt exactly sure what you'd like to see from F1...

    Not that you'd be the only one right now, AC, just sayin.

  6. I knew that was coming... :) but resilient because they are being babied in a procession (OK save for "Crazy grandpa" Schumi :)) is not what I had in mind. I'm sure nobody in their right mind was satisfied by the Valencia race.....you know it's bad when I can't even get worked up about the great performance Alonso put in...

  7. @Jeff

    A few of those cars were what, 3 laps down? That's not the direction F1 needs to go. AC is right. When the best overtaker in one of the top three teams has to go slower because his rear tires are overheating while 20-30 seconds off the leading three cars, something is extremely wrong.

  8. They keep limiting what the cars can do and putting a cap on development - at this point lets just make all cars exactly the same and see who is the better driver/strategy manager. It seems F1 is slowly coming to this anyway.

  9. I suspect I am older than AC because I have watched F1 for a very long time. This is the best season in 20 years. They are finally racing again. Even though the Red Bull is fast, strategy and preparation finally have a shot again. There are several teams that have shots at wins and that will probably win races this year. AC get of your horse and quit whining. You'll never be an F1 driver and you'll never get a say in what is happening. Enjoy the close racing and action and STFU. It's bringing the blog down.

  10. I'm sorry, you find this season, where one driver won 6 out of 8 races better than say, the last couple of years where the season was decided at the last race by a couple of points? I guess if you are a big Red Bull/ Vettel fan, this one is awesome! cheers

  11. @f7730ea6-9711-11e0-9a5a-000bcdca4d7a

    Amassing a 70+ point lead on the second place driver for the WDC after 8 races makes for the best season in 20 years? Pshaw. That's called a snoozefest.

  12. You guys have it all wrong, in order to make F1 races more interesting all you'd need to do is put sprinklers on the side of the tracks!


  13. @f7730ea6-9711-11e0-9a5a-000bcdca4d7a

    Unless that was a sarcastic comment, I'd think you're one helluva red bull fanatic. Hell, unless someone messes up at RB or a huge miracle happens in the others' garages, there is no way that this will be an exciting season. Of course individual races may be exciting, but it's still different when you see two or three championship contenders battling for position. A battle for position between two drivers that are separated by 80+ points can never be as exciting as races in the previous years. '07, '08 and '10 seasons are way much better.

    I don't even follow F1 this year as much as I have followed it just last year.


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