June 10, 2011

Bienvenue au Quebec, Sebastian!

Sebastian Vettel tasted the famed Montreal Wall of Champions only eight laps into the first practice. Only his pride was hurt, looks like the marshal who inexplicably fell going to his aid probably suffered more damage.

Vettel wasn't the only one who gained some intimate knowledge of the Gilles Villeneuve track, Kamui Kobayashi, Machete Sutil and Jerome D'Ambrosio experienced the walls up close and personal. Kind of a funny radio transmission from Machete....check it out after the jump but don't miss Heikki Kovalainen's epic scandinavian flick save!...Perkele!


  1. can anyone tell me what it is that Seb takes out the cockpit? he places something on the car before removing the steering wheel.

  2. Good question Luke! I gave it a good thought but unfortuntaley only came with a couple of stupid answers:

    - Car Keys: Quebec is not as safe as it used to be, you know...
    - Mini smart phone: Horner is going to be mad, he's told Seb not to drive and text plenty of times!
    - His balls, they are detachable nowdays.
    - A timing beam thingy, actually, this might not be that stupid.

  3. Just a guess, but could the belts they use have a different release then, well, every other set of safety belts I've ever seen?



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