May 22, 2011

Three things about Red Bull...

Three things I heard about Red Bull today, make of them what you will:

1. Vettel and Webber went out early in q3 and then sat in the garage, Confidence? Arrogance? No chance to get directed to scrutineering box?

2. There is a gentlemen's agreement between teams on spending, Red Bull is rumored to have already topped the cap after four races.

3. RB tester Neel Jani tweeted how his neck was sore after testing the RB7. Only straight line tests are allowed, his neck was sore, really? Tweet was quickly deleted.

And one more rumor, not about Red Bull this time but Sutil who might very well not be in the car next week in Monaco. Force India, who have been looking for an excuse to dump "Machete" Sutil for some time in favor of Hulkenberg, would use the China bar fight with Renault exec Eric Lux as a pretext.

(photo: Pirelli)

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  1. As much as I like red bull as a team I can not fathom vettel winning another championship. That car is ruining formula 1. One second difference is too much.

  2. Twitter / neel jani: Really worked my kneck out ...
    Really worked my kneck out on Sunday with over 400km's testing in Red Bull Racing's RBR7 F1 car! What a machine it is!!

  3. I'm a bit pressed to figure out whether Seb's KERS trouble was the reason Ham was able to keep the pressure on, or if finally, McLaren have got a car that can keep up. Also interesting to hear Seb opening DRS with KERS on corner exists in quali/practice. If you're willing to buy into the hype, not only have RBR built a machine to tromp everybody, but they've got the perfect driver to completely run away with this championship.

    Even as a Vettel fan I'd like to see more competition. Heikki's retirement was a damned shame though... Williams better get their act together or Team Lotus will be scoring points before them. If they can complete more than every other race.

  4. He said he tested the RB7, not the RBR7. 1 letter, major difference.

  5. When I think of RBR I think of one word: smarmy.

  6. Years ago, many wrote similar things when Ferrari (with Schumacher) were winning everything, year after year.

  7. Schumacher was a phenomenal driver. Vettel isnt a Schumacher in my opinion.

  8. Do you have sources for these rumors?


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