May 14, 2011

Testing, testing.

CG testing the Axis of Oversteer Patron Challenge 997 Cup at Monticello Motor Club. Best lap 2:20. Getting there!
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  1. Should probably get the cup tires on there if your testing to run the series

  2. Well this was a very first shakedown after some ...remodelling. The Yokos will go on there when they are needed!

  3. What I've heard from the team is that the setup doesnt change much with current year Yoks. Also the setup on cup carws has a very narrow range, and you just move within it to adjust for track and conditions.
    Very happy iwth the car. I think we are in ballpark of where it should be given the times we run at RAtlanta and MMC.
    Montreal is a big wildcar for the car and driver, as there's almost no data and ive never driven that track other than in PC games. I imagine a good average setup should work (only 2 very slow turns but no insanely fast ones) but with some compromise for big kerb jumping!


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