May 26, 2011

Postcard from Monaco 3: Porsche Supercup

When F1's go by you smell gasoline, when Supercups go by you smell brake pads....

Check out the gallery after the jump


  1. I remember last year there were some really great shots as well and I believe you featured them on this site AC. They were of the Porsche Supercup but most of the shots were done with a Tilt Shift lens. These are awesome none the less.
    On a side note: does anyone know if they were able to fix that piece of road that had been damaged by a truck fire coming into turn 1?

  2. They fixed it, question is if it will hold, I think it was fine today

  3. Lap 1, turn 1 will be interesting come race day.

  4. AC, AWESOME shots!! Its never too late to join me at Montreal!!

  5. A lot of those guys were racing in the Supercup at the very first USGP I went to in 2000. Apparently they've found a way to make a career out of it.


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