May 11, 2011

Axis 1 Lap: "F*ck the chicken, the session's stating!"

Kershaw, SC

On the way to picturesque Kershaw South Carolina, my co-driver Eric had been singing the praises of a fried chicken shack he had discovered two year earlier, when he ran the One Lap with the famous TC Kline Carbon Coupe. Needless to say the place was shut down when we got there Sunday night so I figured that was that.

Eric was more determined and next day he would be off on a fried chicken mission from god! Not just for us mind you, he was nice enough to go around half the pit lane and take orders, lots of orders and then took off with the car.

Thing is, this place cooks the chicken from scratch and they sure were very happy to have such a huge order on a Monday. Eric met the whole family, they reminisced about large fried chicken orders of yore, probably sang songs and took pictures...meanwhile back at the track the afternoon session was starting and about an hour and half had gone by. I was getting more and more steamed and had visions of Eric having wrapped the Coupe around a pole or in a fight over US health care policy in south east Asia... Frantic, I called "Hey, people are really nice, the whole family came down, we took pictures and I did and interview about the chicken..."

"F*ck the chicken" I yelled into the phone "get back here, NOW!" Well, I'm Italian, I yell too much, I leave what I said off the phone to your imagination....

1 Lap of America:@ Carolina Motorsport Park

Anyway, Eric got back eventually and I had time to put some gas in the car and get out on track in a car smelling of the chicken everyone on pit lane was enjoying but me... it really was delicious, even cold...really...I recommend it.

I liked Carolina Motorsport Park better though, a very cool track I had never seen in a car before my out lap. Would love to go back one day.

Video was shot with Contour cameras overlayed with Traqmate data via Traqstudio software.


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  1. sweet vid. is that the contour's stock mic picking up the sound?


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