April 8, 2011

Mad Mid engine FIAT: Motore Centrale R240


You could think of the Motore Centrale R240 as a FIAT 500 Abarth backwards but a more correct comparison would be with those mad mid engine creations by Renault, the Turbo5 and the Clio V6. Don't look for a FIAT warranty though, the Motore Centrale (Mid Engine) is a project of Lucarelli Monza and Aznom S.r.l of Codatronca fame.

The idea was to have a perfectly balanced car with the ideal mass distribution found on much fancier vehicles. As with the French cars, the Abarth engine in a 500 is moved behind the driver, replacing the rear seats. The rear suspension has been replaced with the fancy subframe with double A arm, fully adjustable suspension you can see in the picture above.
Brakes are 335 front and 305 rear with monoblock 4 piston calipers, Bilstein shocks and Kumho track day tires. Abarth engine is tuned 240HP and 240ft-lb.

That's the "touring" version, available with fancy leather interiors by Aznom etc. A R280 "Pista", track version will also be available, 280 hp900kg/ 1980lbs with full FIA cage, data recording and a racing Limited slip differential. A light track car that is not a Lotus might be of interest.

Axnom is hoping to produce 30 Motore Centrales per year and will present the cars at Monaco Top Marques, April 14 to the 17th.

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