April 6, 2011

Here is Kimi Raikkonen testing a NASCAR truck


Kimi Raikkonen and the Kyle Bush Motorsport Toyota at Gresham Motorsport Park
Picture via Blog Diego Mejia.


  1. please tell me that this is the worlds most elaborate April Fools day prank and that its leading up to RedBull announcing that Kimi will be replacing the outgoing Mark Webber (whenever that may be)

  2. I can't wait to hear his post race interviews, how long until he's using "tight" and "loose"?

    "the race was good but uh the truck was tight and uh it was hard but uh we won so uh it was good"

  3. I ate Montoya's hamburger and then I went to have a shit..."

  4. I swear to god I would pay money to hear DW interview him. I also bet he brings an alcohol company with him as a sponsor too.

  5. Wind Tunnel on Sunday night was talking about Kimi running 3 races with with team. I heard that Kimi is seriously considering running the Indy car race at the end of the year, for the $5 million prize.


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