April 12, 2011

Harris laps Sebring

Scratch off a bunch of HP...Harris got in touch and said it was actually a GT3 RS not a 2 RS...

Looks like Chris Harris gets to have fun on a global scale. He was tweeting recently about being in the States and going to Sebring... here he is lapping a Porsche 997 GT2 GT3 RS. Sadly the audio is WAY out of sync but he does a lap at around 2:24 if I'm not mistaken...

Not bad but AXisCG lapped in 2:22 with an I stock Cayman S with half the horsepower... :)

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  1. We can arrange for some coaching :)

  2. Seems like that might not be a bad plan. Going that slow why did he even bother with a helmet and belts... Always love that those designated with giving us the straight talk about supercars can't drive.

  3. robweenerpi,
    Are you ready for some bad auto journalist driving? Check this out!


  4. @robweeneri. Don't be too harsh, it's not that slow and I'm sure the gt2rs was not his to crash. The wearing of the full firesuit in a street car is a bit funny though.

  5. Sorry Harris, but the line through 17 and 1 is just horid and so is the speed sally, massive time lost in both those places. Chris babies the car through 14a and b. The line on the entry of 16 also cost him massive time.

    Still one of my favorite journalists, just not as fast as I thought he was.

  6. C'mon guys! Dont take so many cheap shots at Harris. First time on one of the most challenging tracks in the US and it was not his car. He's clearly being conservative and most of us would be.
    A great lap in a stock (properly setup) 997.2 3RS should be 2:18.

    It is a USA trackday that's why he has to wear a helmet and gloves, plus he's probably wearing the full kimono b/c I think he was also testing the Cup Car. I bet you his laps in the Cup are not that shabby.
    He can drive. He is well within 2secs of Porsche SuperCup Pros at most tracks. That's good enough to win almost any Club Race in the US.

  7. Yeah, compared to 99.5% of motoring journalists Harris is Sebastian Vettel...

  8. http://www.teamspeed.com/forums/gt/57702-chris-harris-drives-my-rs-sebring.html

  9. I guess he was not testing a cup car....spiffy suit Porsche gave him though, I'd be tempted.

  10. He got the nice suit when he raced the Ring 24hrs in the nearly stock GT3 last year.

  11. HEHE, He would be a good HPDE instructor as is. His technique is pretty good. The problem with Sebring is every single corner has different grip or pavement almost, it is a hard place to go really fast. It's a very tricky place to master. I've done the Club Course and will be going back to do the full course later in the year. I figured the lap time difference was because the car he was driving was on street tires.

  12. it was his first ever day at Sebring, it is a challenging track.

    CG ran 2:22 with his massive rear wing and hoosiers, remove the wing and CG will be in the 2:24s, remove the R6 and install RA1 and CG will be in the 2:26s, add 400 lbs to CG's car and he won't break under 2:30s.

    Pro driven (yes Pro driver, not club racers) stock GT3 RS have been unable to break under 2:19s on cold conditions at Sebring, and on a hot day like the one CH drove, a driver that laps Sebring in 2:19-2:20 consistently, was unable to break under 2:24s with a passenger.

    Great driving by Chris Harris, I got his Traqmate data and I have already compared it to mine and some friends data, and he drove very well.

    For all the T17 experts, there are more than 6 different lines at T17 depending on cars, much more lines if you add weather conditions, and race conditions. If you don't believe it, watch a ALMS race, plenty of Pros in there, watch the T17 lines.

  13. Wait... Chris Harris weighs 400 lbs??? He looks so compact! :)

    C'mon Rad, 400lbs, that would make the GT3 RS weigh almost 3500lbs? and it DOES come with a rather large wing.

    Anyway, CH would definitively have turned a 2:15 in a press 458....maybe even a 2:10


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