April 24, 2011

Axis 1 Lap: Situation Critical...


Not good news from the second day of testing at VIR I'm afraid. The problems we had the first day seemed to multiply culminating into our having to shut down the engine due to what we suspected to be a major internal failure, this despite never having the chance to be run hard on track.

All is not lost, if we find an engine replacement by Tuesday there is conceivably time to drop it in but, as you can imagine, the situation is less than optimal.

This is the video of the final try, when the engine really let go...

On the plus side, our clutch issues were solved and were the brake bias/no ABS issues and the car really did handle quite nicely. There is noticeable downforce from the wing and splitter and the giant Michelin PS2 provided good grip. One day, when it's fully sorted, this car will be a beast.

We get more news during the day monday, keep you posted.

More pictures from the David Murry Track Days even at VIR after the jump


  1. Sorry to hear about all the car trouble AC. I hope everything is able to get fixed in time. On a side note. Thats one bad ass Viper!

  2. Major internal failure? Was the stock block modified internally or machined in any way? Piston to valve clearance issues? Was the crank balanced correctly?

    When you guys find out what happened on tear down please update, I'm curious how a new M3 V8 could have let go with seemingly no time on a track. Sounds to me like it could have been an assembly issue.

    Sorry to hear and I hope this car is back on track swiftly.


  3. It's not an m3 v8, it's an s62 Daytona Prototype engine....

  4. Cant wait to see some fully functional footage!

  5. Certainly disappointing, but at least a sense of humor was maintained. Quote "faster coasting than it was trying to actually drive it"...

  6. I may have missed the post with my answer, but what brand brake calipers are those in the rear?


  7. Was the engine torn down and inspected before it went in the car?


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