March 23, 2011

A sure sign of the pending apocalypse?

Wow, I couldn't even get back home that this picture was Jalopnik'd, those guys are the ninja masters of the internets! Fine, I'll have to kick their buts on a track one day :).

Anyway, I was driving by on 11th Avenue when saw the FIAT store going up, even as a jaded New Yorker I did a double take. I never thought I would see it to be honest. I don't think I'm alone, got a funny reply on the Axis Twitter feed claiming this was a sure sign of the pending 2012 apocalypse!

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  1. Why is a FIAT dealership a bad thing? I don't get it. Why is it a sign of the apocalypse?

  2. FIAT never really had much of a foothold in the states, for whatever reason.


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