March 8, 2011

New Jersey Motorsport Park Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

NJMP Panorama
(photo: aawil)

First, I think I can speak for all enthusiasts in the greater New York area, we're hoping the track pulls through and stays open.
That said, given its financing plan was contingent on sales of trackside vacation homes and shopping mall style Millville NJ, we are not surprised....

I enjoy NJMP's Thunderbolt track layout. Many are not so enthusiastic but I like the combination of the two fast corners and the more technical section. They have hotel rooms right above the garages, which is nice. and it's relatively close to NYC.

What I keep wondering is why, when they designed this facility, they did not think big enough for a track up to real international standards, with properly done runoffs, with tunnel access rather than bridge access to the infield, with the possibility of joining the two tracks into a single long course... I know it's not a fair comparison, but having driven at a track like Paul Ricard HTTT, I have seen what can be accomplished if you have the right combination of financing and knowhow (Paul Ricard is owned by a company controlled by Bernie Ecclestone, I would bet it's not losing money), I wish, someone would step up here in US... Oh wait, Austin and Tavo Hellmund's group are thinking right. Bummer about Texas being 1800 miles away!

Read the story by the Press of Atlantic City HERE
(thanks to Preeth Kumar and Jaffster for the news)



  1. Sad news indeed. Heres hoping it pulls through.

    Love the video AC!

  2. Nice driving! It's sad news, but definitely not unforeseeable. They have stupid promotions all the time that I get via email. You would think that a Valentine's day event at a track would have something motorsports-related, but you'd be wrong. They were offering an expensive dinner and a stay in the villas. That's just poor management.

  3. from what i hear, they are just trying to restructure their debt, and it will be business as usual down there this year (events will continue as planned).

  4. I'm sure they'll be fine this year, it's next year you have to worry about....


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