March 26, 2011

Is Red Bull's front wing flexing again?

You tell me...

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  1. The RB wing isnt flexing, its the McLaren (and others) wings that are much stiffer :D
    Those static pictures mean nothing, one can be taken under braking and the other somewhere else on track.

  2. It definitely flexes. If it's within regulations has yet to be seen. I also hope there's a better explanation for Redbull's KERS other then "We just didn't use it that race", as I am secretly hoping for some awesome unseen new tech they came up with or a loophole that's more then just for ballast positioning.

  3. how do they get the wing to flex down in a corner when there is wind less loading than at max speed on the straights.
    a careful look at TV shows Vetals practice damage to be caused by running over the outside kerbs.

  4. I watched the practice sessions and the wing definately flexes down at high speeds (hence the speed of the Red Bull through high speed corners).

  5. Wow! you can clearly see the wing flexing on the video.

    I'm not a specialist but I can understand the utility of the flexi-wings at high speed corners.. However, i think they might make the car lose some top speed on the long straights. Maybe that loss is less important once the DRS is activated?

    Some one has an answer?

  6. Lowering the front wing to gain downforce doesn't necessarily add any drag. It's too complicated to say for sure, but often by lowering the car or otherwise improving the underbody aerodynamics you can decrease drag AND gain downforce at the same time. It is the most critical part of the total aero package.

    In FSAE, we ran much slower courses (max speed about 75mph) but it was interesting to see the cars with wings vs. the cars without. Often all the wing cars would need was one high-speed corner (50+ mph) and every competent wing car would beat the fastest non-wing car by several seconds on a 50-80 second course. But if the course planners didn't add that corner, it would be the exact opposite. It is unbelievable how much of an advantage you get with a relatively small gain in the drag/downforce ratio, and that's exactly what Red Bull has done with their flexy wing.

  7. that's why i don't like f1. because we are focusing in details and bullshits... wrc for ever.

  8. I love F1 for the same reason :) but for me, those details are not bullshit..


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