March 19, 2011

If you don't have ESPN3....

Great tip from Matt. If you don't have ESPN3, sign up for an email and log in using att as provider... works great.
Sebring 12 hours is on now at

Sebring 2011 - ALMS / ILMC Practice & Qualify - Team Peugeot Total Peugeot 908

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  1. Thanks for the tip... much needed here since espn3 does not have an agreement with my internet provider Qwest.

  2. Thanks guys! I tried to figure out a solution for this all day yesterday-- Let me just say: I would have gladly PAID for the service to watch this race... but that just wasn't an option available to me from ALMS....

    Thank you for finding a solution and thanks for letting me enjoy the race...

    I hope ALMS marketing and Mgmt figure out how to get this broadcast to us-- who would pay for it!

    Thanks again.

  3. Matt is my hero! Proxy to make email (In Canada), then it worked just by logging in.

  4. No, ESPN 3 is just NOT good enough quality to replace TV at this point. And it isn't available to enough people, watching an entire race on the computer is annoying, and not everyone has the ability (360 or otherwise) to get it to stream to the tv. It is a RIDICULOUS broadcast package, and I hope ALMS realizes this before it is too late.


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