March 4, 2011

BMW E60 M5 Ring-Taxi Drifts into History

BMW M5 E60 "Ring-Taxi"

Don't go to the Nürburgring this summer's thinking you are going to get all cozy with Sabine and three of you best friends as she giggles her was sideways through the forest. It's the end of an era, with the E60 M5 out of production and the new f10 M5 not for sale yet, it makes little sense for BMW to subsidize the service. A ring taxi service will be working but it will now be either way more expensive, if you want to ride in a 997 or a little less if you don't mind being driven around in a FWD Mini!.

How much much will it cost? After the jump is the email sent sent out by OK Speed Marketing, the company running the Ring Taxi service for BMW.
Over at BridgeToGantry Dale has a different, more in depth explenation and wonders if BMW will be back at all. BMW got a lot of milage (pardon the pun) out of the ring taxi- Sabine myth, I doubt they'll drop it permanently unless the new 'ring management make it cost prohibitive.

Dear Ring-Taxi® customer,

our preparation for season 2011 has been completed.
We are looking forward to a common Ring-Taxi® season 2011.

During our jubilee-season 2011 we enlarged our traditional taxi service. So enjoy with us pure driving fun. Powered by classical sportscars such as Porsche 911 GT3 (415 HP) Clubsport 997 or MINI John Cooper Works (211 HP). Driven by proofed and licensed pilots.

Enjoy Your favourite car as co-pilot
Porsche 911 Clubsport 997 (415 HP) price 349,- EURO incl. 19% VAT
MINI John Cooper Works (211 HP), price 195,- EURO incl. 19% VAT

On top you will enjoy our traditional services, served on the most famous race-tracks, starting with one lap Nürburgring (D) Nordschleife (20,832 km) or three laps in Spa-Francorchamps (B), the Ardens Grand-Prix Circuit (21,003 km) or accompanied by further attractions during the season.

Your Ring-Taxi® opportunities until May 2011
Nürburgring Nordschleife (D): 19.03.2011 / 25.03.2011
Spa-Francorchamps (B): 09.04.2011 / 10.04.2011 / 13.04.2011 / 18.04.2011 / 24.05.2011

How will you repeat your Ring-Taxi® adventure? (limited to Porsche)
We can realize your individual Ring-Taxi-lap as video served on USB stick.
The Ring -Taxi® video, 29.90 EURO (inkl. 19% VAT)
Life pics, sounds and data of car, track and (co)-pilot.

Relevant information
Ticket can be booked only with a fixed date for ring-taxi drive.
The ring-taxi adventure is limited to one person only.

If you have further questions please contact as by telephone hot line or by mail.

Ring-Taxi® hotline

E39 Ring Taxis 2003

Ring Taxi


  1. I think this speaks more to BMWs current vision of the M brand. Theres no reason BMW couldn't keep running the old M5, and replace it with the new M5 when its released or heck, use the M3 Sedan in the interim.

    But hey, I am grateful they decided not to replace it with the X5M (or ugh, the X6M)...

  2. I was lucky enough to have ring taxi lap in an e60 with Sabine, and it is quite a ride! "Giggle her way through the forest" is a good description indeed. I really hope they'll resume the taxi with the new M5.


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