March 16, 2011

Blue Hour
Blue Hour by Bob MacMillan
Axis Stee just picked up an S2K for some summer fun, loves it apparently!


  1. oh! what a car, what an engine. I like.

  2. I always find myself thinking about owning one. After a summer driving all kinds of BMWs (which was eye opening), driving an S2000 left an even deeper lasting impression. Great cars, as long as you don't expect an pick up below 5K.

  3. hey welcome to the club. i am a fellow s2000 owner aswell!
    Make sure to come over and join One of the best car forums EVER!

  4. This car is a blast!

    I also own a Boxster (now a full club racer, but was a factory stock car when I bought it). This factory spec S2000 makes the stock Boxster feel like a big soft cadillac.

    You don't get in this car, you put it on like a driving suit and then you go out and make it scream. The whole package of 9k rpms, lightening fast turn in, ltw factory flywheel and hands down the best close ratio manual gearbox i've ever felt in any car makes this a thrill.

    It may not be the fastest car out there, but it sure delivers the car guy smiles (provided you drive the tits off of it at all times)...

  5. I've been owning S2000s (on my second one now) for 11 years, the current one (2nd gen) with a Comptech SC and Ohlins being even better than the 1st one (original 2000 model year), and a great way to have fun toying around with people in MUCH more expensive cars :).

    And yes, it's the best manual gearbox of any car I've ever driven (with the Miata's coming second).

    I may get a 1M next (meaning IF I can get one...) because I need some kind of token rear seats soon but if I do I have a feeling I will still miss the S2000's top-end rush (I recommend 3rd gear to merge into the freeways :)). I probably won't miss the lack of bottom-end torque though :).


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