March 25, 2011

Axis 1 Lap: It's ALIVE!

The first firing of the Brum BMW Z3M V8: Oh so sweet! Congratulation to Shawn and the team, now let's tune the sucker.
Check out the sound especially you surprising number of haters, still think this is just a run of the mill M5 engine?

Shawn writes:
"This is the initial start-up of the DInan V8 in the Brum BMW Z3 MV8... Very smooth for the first start, great oil pressure, no leaks, well no fluid leaks... We have touch of an exhaust leak... Sounds like what just won the 24 Hour and the last GT race at Homestead..."

UPDATE: bonus video after the jump with the first easy revving of the beast!

Shawn: "We were doing a throttle response test... Time to tidy up the installation, build the air inlets and air cleaner box. Finish the power steering and head to the chassis dyno!"


  1. Nobody should hate on a Dinan race S62... This car is truly a spectacular thing to behold.

    Having said that, the mic on the camera clips so early, its hard to make out what we're listening to.

  2. I love how the VANOS blockoff plates actually free up valuable underhood space. Awesome. This car is Freep Approved.


  3. Wow, that sounds wicked. Those must be some wildly big cams.

  4. great post AC!...that was same look on my face when I heard her turn over...gonna be a wild ride!

  5. OMG that's a scary sounding engine! Should be quite torquey. Do you just have a 1/2 cage? Any strut brace in the front?
    Congrat' to you guys for turning a cute car into a monster. 315 in the back, seriously :O ?

  6. Awesome sound..can we hear it rev on the next video?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Thanks AC. Just realized that right after I posted. Noticed it's being built at Trinity Motorsports Group. Looks and sounds great btw!

    Didn't mean to delete my last post. Can you add it back to the comments by chance? Really enjoy the site. Keep up the good work.


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