March 2, 2011

Analog vs Digital

And that's why we... ok, everyone loves Top Gear. Kudos to the owners of the cars and I thought it was quite an elegant way not to solve the question everyone was asking and avoiding pissing off one of the owners at the end.
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  1. Saying they both broke at the end is hardly elegant, but these guys are probably the only ones who can get away with it.

    -Disappointed Freep

  2. No way they both really broke. Clarkson is famous for fake-breaking cars. Remember the Tesla?


  3. Right, which goes back to my point.... anyway, wet track, turbo lag vs 4wd...I wonder who would have won...

  4. Yea I might have liked an actual power lap, and I'd have liked a drag race without Richards poor shifts, but this way the cars stay as legends.

  5. Pretty disappointing they didn't wait to test these on a dry day. I think on the wet the 959 Would have taken it, but in the dry the F40 would have won.

    The driver side of me really doesn't like how they BS break downs and results. I think it defeats the whole purpose of testing the cars. It was cool to see them run, but I think they really let down both of the cars with the poor acceleration comparison and not running them on the track.

    Top Gear as usual...

    -Chris Hurst

  6. Unfortunately for the individuals hoping for a fair and objective opinion.... Top Gear isn't a show about objective opinions and hardcore Journalism testing. It's an entertainment show about 3 guys personal opinions on cars.

    It's rather silly after this many seasons people look for anything other then a generally entertaining personal opinion on cars most of us will never drive, sprinkled with a very small amount of useful information on rare occasions.

    I'm with AC on this one. It was Top Gear doing what they do best -- giving all of us some top quality car porn tied up in a little comical bow. I enjoyed it very much.

  7. Top Gear is just an entertaining show with some incredible visuals on fantastic cars, and frankly I find it still very enjoying.

    Regarding the cars, what do you think about their look now that more than 20 years have passed?

    I think that the F40 still looks stunning. It's beautiful when it's standing still and it's just incredible when it's moving. It's like the essence of going fast, on four wheels.

    And I'm also surprised of how Mr.Hamster plays with it! I always heard journos speaking about it as an untameable monster...

  8. Its a great show, and what they did for the cars not doing the power laps was save the car's reputation and all the fantasies and good memories about this cars tracktards our age all have.

    Have they completed the laps in the dry, irrespectively of which came out on top, we would have been disappointed that these cars would just be marginally faster than the current M3. Old cars look, feel cool but they are SLOOOW. Long live progress and technology = Faster....


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