February 13, 2011

WRC: Solberg loses his license ...

WRC Sweden - Day 1

You got to love rallies: Petter Solberg was busted for speeding on a transition stage and local police confiscated his license. The only solution to finish the short final stage of Rally Sweden was to have co-driver Chriss Patterson get behind the wheel!

Patterson got to the end 51 seconds behind stage winner Ogier!

(pettersolberg.com Photo:AGENCE S PRESSE / ANDRE LAVADINHO)

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  1. Hey you guys will like this. I've just finished laughing at myself. I didn't read the description and thought the video was going to be Solberg driving a stage. I was thinking that doesn't look like Solberg and I was about to go on a massive rant about how tame and slow WRC cars are these days...

    Jesus I'm getting slow in my old age :)

  2. Awesome !!! I just love how you see the guy grinning the whole stage.

  3. Hah, i watched that stage yesterday (German coverage sucked, however.) and they were guessing what happened.

    "Is it just for laughs? Publicity? Did he break something?"

    I love Solbgerg for doing that, though, heh.

    Bet it wasn't made easier for Patterson without pace-notes either.

    Thanks for the info!

  4. Hell, I'm impressed at the job Patterson did stepping in and having no pace notes! Can solberg not read pace notes?

  5. I imagine that he was told to just get it to the end of the stage without any drama.


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