February 11, 2011

First interview with Robert Kubica!

Pino Allievi, the main motorsport man at Gazzetta dello Sport, interviewed Kubica today. I'll summarize and translate:

"...Kubica is already back to his own self, his own sense of irony, he says he's not homologated yet. He moves the injured hand " Fingers are working, I can feel them. Same with the arm. But they have to operate more, only after I will know..."

Robert is extremely lucid, his face relaxed, he's not feverish. His life is no longer in danger. "I'm sorry about what happened...It should not but I don't remember anything. My manager, Daniele Morelli explained it all to me"

"My parents came from Poland but they already left, I'm really sorry for my mom, to have made her suffer... I don't have much pain...they sedate me. After the final operation, the countdown to my return begins....One gets better after these crashes, It happened after my crash in Canada in 2007. There are new capacities and motivations that come out, I will be back stronger as a driver, with a better head game. I have to return this season and my right arm feels better than when I was hit by a drunk driver seven year ago..."

"I've asked myself why run rallies: it's training, very hard, very severe for Formula 1. It helps develop concentration....Will I do more? We'll see."

"It was nice to see Briatore, an exceptional person. Then came Alonso, Lopez, Petrov, Alesi, Liuzzi, it was nice. Racing does not allow you to see the real human side of people, too many conflicts.."

Robert would like to talk more but he gets tired quickly but for him, it's the start of a new life, a "better one" he assures us."

Pino Allievi, Gazzetta dello Sport.

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