February 23, 2011

Couple of things missing from Mark Webber's GT2 RS...

The best part about this video aside from the huge PR coup for Porsche is that Webbo points out the obvious: even the GT2 RS, at the moment arguably the most badass production car on the market, is still a " slightly naughty street car, with AC and sat nav..". ... A message sure NOT to resonate with many an Internet forum racers..

So what is Mark's GT2 RS missing? Well, for sure a bike rack and while you're at it, why not drive many Porschistas livid with rage, rip out that useless scaffolding and install the rear seats!?! 911 do make such great Sport Utility Vehicles!

CG's Bike Carrier

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  1. I bet the guy has the expensive bike for the same reason that he has the expensive car, that is to look like he has a lot of money.

    Looking at the picture it's all but confirmed, every wannabe rich guy buys themselves a Pinarello to stick on their european car.

  2. No, actually Axis CG is both a successful amateur racer (with an actual race car, that's his "winter beater") and amateur bike racer. Trust me, both of those get proper use! ;)

  3. Great picture. When customers ask what the mounting points for that roofrack are on the 911, I always get the same confused stare... (and rightfully so)

  4. CG's one of the most down to earth, non-flashy guys at the autocross, period.

  5. Oh no! An Internet forum racers rears his ugly head!

  6. I'd love to drive or even ride in someone's GT2. The fastest road car I've been in was a Carrera GT. Would love to see how the two compare.

    You guys live in NY right? I might have to fly out for an autocross.

    -Chris Hurst

  7. Webber is a wise man. 2011 STREET car with no NAV or AC is useless!!
    Glad to see these monsters are going to be driven properly.
    He paid full MSRP for his GT2RS.... Not a gift from Porsche

  8. Dunno whats more sexy the porsche or the pinarello on the roof rack


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