February 9, 2011

At Night, No One Can Hear You Scream...

... "where the $&^#@%! is the corner???!"

Granted this camera is not great in low light but CG said that's pretty much all he saw. He was pretty grateful for the faster class car leading the way at last week end's Porsche Club races at Sebring.

CG vanquished the competition by winning all his class races and taking the Enduro overall win against much faster cars. Congratulations man!

Rally Lights


  1. Sounds like that car is a ringer. It's always way out ahead of cars with the same specs. Sounds really lucky or really ...

  2. If by ringer you mean an immaculately prepared car that was scrutineered up the wazoo after some some of the slower drivers complained bitterly then yeah, it's a ringer :)

  3. If by ringer you mean it's being driven by a passionate racer who's spent half a lifetime honing his craft behind the wheel and learning how to properly set up a car then yeah, it's a ringer :)


  4. To know CG is to understand his success. Far from a cheater, he's just a talented, experienced racer at the top of his mental game...

  5. Who was it with the famous quote: " if ya ain't cheatin' ya ain't tryin'!" anyway?

  6. Congrats CG and best wishes in 2011 !


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