February 19, 2011

The Alfa Romeo 4c looks amazing

All kinds of rumors about the Alfa Romeo 4c, including that it would never see the light of day but now Auto magazine confirms a prototype will be shown In Geneva, early March with production starting in 2012.

Dallara designed carbon tub chassis mated with the current 1750cc turbo four, would give the 4c performance along the lines of a Cayman S, placing it in a market segment where the Fiat group in not playing in at the moment.

If it looks anything like this rendering and the price point is what is rumored (significantly less expensive than the Cayman), it will be insanely desirable.

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  1. It will be ruined by a number plate on the front.

  2. Yea, thats very desirable. Lets just hope they bring it over the ocean.

  3. The number plate can be placed on a side.. Like the Mitsubishi Evo X there's no need to ruin it on the middle

  4. Thats a gorgeous looking alpha, geneva will be good for supercar fans with the lambo and then this..

  5. This design seems to be very derivative of something between Bugatti and a Maserati- that said, they've done an amazing job. It's a gorgeous car... I just hope it has better reliability than what Alfa Romeo is known for.


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