January 14, 2011

Black is Blue!

This is why I love Axis, no sooner had I posted the picture of the black F40 that one of you guys digs up this great clip.

Turns out the F40 is not black but that blackest of blues, Ferrari Blu Pozzi. Incidentally that was il Commendatore's (or as Italians like to call him, The Drake) favorite color.

The owner, German classic car broker Bernd Hahne in a clip by his nephew and Stereoscreen partner Nick Hahne.

Thanks to Bart for the fantastic find! There's just no question about it, the F40 is still the coolest Ferrari ever made, I don't care is the newer ones are "better".

Care to read the F40's Owner's manual? Check it out in .pdf HERE

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  1. Such a meticulously detailed car, then he puts his grubby hands all over it.

  2. I had always heard that Enzo's favorite color was yellow, like the yellow on the background of a Ferrari emblem (aka Fly Giallo).

  3. You're welcome ;) Keep up the good work.

  4. Just watch out for its turbo lag/kick!


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