January 8, 2011

Best Suspension Cam video ever!

Sometimes you run across something executed so well, you can't help but go..WOW.
Look at the clarity of this clip, by Veloz Media, giving you a ride on the front left corner of Bill Auberlen's Turner Motorsports Rolex GT BMW M3.

Don't miss other clips from Daytona testing and Team Turner after the jump


  1. Love the wheel-well angle. Reminds me of the Porsche GT3 RSR one a while back.

    Seems like they're running the S62 still. I thought they wanted to switch to the S65. Hmm, oh well.

    On a different note, Boris Said is awesome. :P

  2. The compression from running up on the banking is very cool. Excellent video.

  3. In the first video you can see the rotors glow and sparks coming from the caliper. VERY cool. Thanks Axis.


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