December 23, 2010

Sideburn Nostalgia

You probably have seen at least bits of this documentary, certainly countless people have looked (insert scottish accent) "for the fir tree" to find the right line into the N├╝rburgring Karussell. That's Jackie tip in that famous segment of the wee scott driving a Rolls convertible around the Eiffel track.

In any case, as someone was kind enough to upload the complete documentary in high quality let's enjoy it while it lasts. Much of the film centers on Fran├žois Cevert, a great talent behind the wheel and, before James Hunt, very good at the rock start part of being a Formula 1 driver. Sadly he would not survive 1973 and Watkins Glen.

It's a full length movie so make time for it, you'll probably feel like growing in some sideburns afterwards.
(don't forget the full screen option on the player below)

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  1. Sideburn Nostalgia

    That sounds like a country singer from the 40s, or maybe a Jethro Bodine alias.

  2. Hailwood comes across a true gent. A world away from todays brats.

  3. The library of this "gt4zone" Vimeo user is a real gold mine! Thanks for sharing.


    I love this picture of Jos Verstappen
    in the heading of the page
    (my personal Hero)

    greetz Andre

    (sorry dont have an account)

  5. Amazing, thank you.

    Was it at the end of that season that Cevert died and Stewart retired?

    Beautiful depictions of the drivers and their experience of being an F1 driver.

  6. is there something similar about the modern days of f1 racing?

  7. @Cusaro:

    Try Discovery Channels "The Secret Life of Formula 1".

    Its from 2003 I believe.


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