December 31, 2010


All the best to you tracktards: brake late and always be full throttle at the apex in 2011.

Thank you for making 2010 the best year ever for Axis of Oversteer, cheers.



  1. Thanks for this great site, keep up the amazing work and see you in the next year!

  2. thank you for all your hard work, my favorite site by far. Best wishes in 2011 from Canada!!!!!

  3. Thanks for a great site, I wish you the best for this 2011.

  4. Ditto the comments above, fantastic site, great content and spot-on insight. Here's to you and 2011.

  5. Well thanks to you for posting such daily awesomeness, and your F1 coverage has been superb.

    Amid the myriad of BS surrounding this last year's F1 season, this site was a breath of fresh air. Roll on March 13th!

    Just, er, you know, lay off Hamilton a bit :)

    Now, can you tell me exactly what is going on in that picture? Surely those can't just be bottoming-out sparks? Is Iron Man involved?


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