December 13, 2010

2010 Formula 1 Season Highlights Film


Epic or preposterous will depend on your view of Formula 1 but this 10 minute clip, from this years FIA gala dinner and prize ceremony in Monaco and celebrating not just the 2010 season but 60 years of F1, may be the best yet produced by the Bernie boys.

Check out those unseen moments of tension between Vettel and Webber. Smile at the opera music for Germany... check out the babes in Monaco (caution a certain hotel heiress makes an appearance).



  1. Okay, extra bonus points for using "Ace of Spades".

  2. Judging from the "Guiness advert" voiceover. These videos are produced by the BBC on behalf of FOM.

    Good though!

  3. It's amazing how exciting a years worth of F1 can seem when it's condensed into 10 minutes. I seem to remember falling asleep through the last 2 hour procession!

  4. 2006 Gala highlight vid still my favorite


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