November 7, 2010

2010 Brazilian GP Executive Summary


Some discussion points out after the Brazilian GP:

1. Red Bull wins the constructors title, it was a great, no effort spared, attack from f1 clowns to clear #1 team. But something happened on the way to the dream, the wrong guy ended up with more points. Red Bull does not want Webber to be their first World Champion.

2. Webber, who now has not won for seven races, needs to win the final race and hope Alonso does not come in second. It's not that big of a gamble to think there will be a Red Bull 1-2 in the final race, yet... If Vettel is ahead and Alonso is fourth or better, Red Bull will have to get off their high horse and issue team orders let the drivers decide on their own. If Alonso DNF's, Vettel has a chance to win the championship in a tie-braker over Webber. Can you say Turkey?

3. What happened to Mclaren? Hamilton tried hard as usual but he kept complaining about lack of grip. Button advanced once more through clever strategy but the british team has been going backwards in the final part of the season with the drivers seem unable to nail setups for the race. Very un-Mclaren.

4. Alonso, what a second part of the season. Love him or hate him, you cannot fault his driving and determination.
An interesting tidbit came out about his Saturday practice crash in Monaco which prevented him from qualifying and was clearly his lowest point of his season, with the world press wondering if Ferrari had made a big mistake. Alonso, as reported by "Gazzetta dello Sport", personally delivered a handwritten note of apology to all the members of the team, from mechanics to management, (ok, presumably he made copies.. grin) apologizing for his mistake and promising a comeback and a fight for the title. Not exactly the whining complaining pest, some corners of the media like to paint him as and he certainly galvanized the team.

5. What is it with Barrichello and Interlagos? Macumba?

6. Safety car: c'mon what would you have given to have had Vettel, Webber and Alonso all lined up behind the SLS for a final sprint rather than be separated by lapped cars who refused to get out of the way?

The race itself was not the best ever, Red Bulls were just too good especially on tire wear, but the backmarkers did do some entertaining suspension arms be damned racing here and there.

Great season finale though, 4 years running now.

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  1. I really don't get why Lewis jumped on the brakes so early at the first corner - he had the line and should have taken Webber. Instead, after a couple of laps, he makes a mistake and loses a position to Fernando. It likely made no difference to the outcome though, I suppose.

    What a cracking season this has been - roll on Abu Dhabi!

  2. Can Webber really be thought of as a World Champion if he hasn't won in seven races, then gets gifted a win by his team/team-mate in Abu Dhabi?

  3. @DM the way things are Webber, even if he wins in AD will only become champion through the kindness of strangers so to speak, sort of out of his hands. The only one who could actively win it is Alonso if he places second or better.

  4. @DM
    If Webber does end up winning the championship through Seb making way for him, it won't be any worse than if Alonso wins by less than 7 points as it is. I'd like to see him win without having to resort to team orders, but either way, bring on Abu Dhabi!

  5. Really really appreciate your work putting these summaries up. Never commented before -- just want you to know how much I appreciate your work. Thanks.

  6. Theres still the possibility that Webber may be faster than Vettel in Abu Dhabi.
    In most of the last races where Vettel qualified ahead of Webber the margin has been very slim.

  7. I think that Red Bull have already screwed themselves in the WDC by not having Vettel make way for Webber. A lot of their ability to get a guy into the WDC role now lies in the hands of Alonso and he's been very much on point in the latter half of the season.

    Why put so much responsibility for the outcome of your drivers in the hands of your competition if it was avoidable?

  8. A little off topic, but how do I vote for Hamilton for Rookie of the Year?

  9. @Andres LOL, "no grip, no grip" :)


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