November 30, 2010

8 minutes of great FIA GT1 action

Maserati vs Aston Martin vs Ford, sounds like a classic matchup from the glory years of sports car racing. This was, I'm sure you recognized, at Interlagos. The drivers: Yann Clairay (Aston Martin) , Michael Bartels (Maserati), Thomas Mutsch (FordGT) and Alex Muller (Maserati 33). For a play by play check out

Turn it WAY up!



  1. This year has been a great FiA GT1 season. I've been rooting for the #5 Matech Ford GT, but it's not looking too great.

    It's rare to see such hard, clean racing nowadays. GT cars really are deliviring in all classes as of late.

    I barely watch any prototype races anymore :)

  2. This series has been completely fantastic. And mad props to the FIA for putting the whole lot on their website, I've been glued to it all year.

  3. I agree with the above posts, the racing has been wonderful. Hats off to the Bloomberg channel for showing the races. Yes, they are delayed by a week or more, but watching GT1 and GT3 racing without commercials is great.

  4. The editing of that video was strange. Why does it jump around so much? Show me the action in order.

  5. This pornography, I really shouldn't be getting this excited at work.


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