October 28, 2010

Seems like a worthy cause to us!

But there is not much time left, can you help?
This is from the makers of GT Racer, an excellent program seen on HD Theater

What makes you feel alive?

Try chasing an AC Cobra through the corners of the brand new F1 circuit of Portimão's Autódromo, Portugal - in the early morning - at the wheel of an Bizzarrini Strada. One of only a handful of such cars in existence. Despite it being 7:52am you couldn’t be more awake. Your car drifts sideways through that wet corner too close to the edge that’s hard to make out against the low sun. This is historic racing at its best.

I am the director and producer of the popular TV Series GT RACER, that is taking you literally inside the cars and onto the tracks. As a member of several idiosyncratic race teams, you are getting a peek at the most spectacular series of international classic racing, where the most beautiful vintage racers ever built battle it out on their most glamorous original tracks: 1950s and 60s Aston Martins, Ferraris, Maseratis, Porsches, at Spa, Le Mans, the Nuerburgring, Limerock and Laguna Seca.

But despite great popularity of the series among car and racing enthusiast - due to the global economic melt down the networks that have been perviously financing the show have either folded or have serious financial shortfalls. ...No more money left for small innovative but unconventional special series. The fans want more but money is tight so we have to go the creative way. Here we are on Kickstarter!

The good news is we are already almost there. And we are going to Portugal to shoot as of October 13th...
So far the shoot in the Algarve is privately financed in its entirety and only by the enthusiast who want to see more episodes made.

This time we are pushing the envelop even further by shooting HD video on Nikon Digital SLR Cameras.

We are getting support from the racing community, from the event organizers, from equipment manufactures.

But we don't have enough for post production. We need cold hard CASH. And we need it now.

Our series is known for its timeless cinéma vérité style and classic moviesque feel. Those new DSLRs will push the esthetic right up close to 35mm.

But it is an "all or nothing" deal. If we don't raise our goal by THURSDAY NOV 4, 11:08PM EDT all falls through. The way it works is, you "pledge" funds and they will only be charged to your credit card if the goal is reached in time. Otherwise no money changes hands.

And to get people on board we are giving out many rewards. One is: PLEDGE $15 OR MORE and a DVD of the finished Algarve Racing Film is yours. The DVDs will have a retail price of $19.95 so you are not "donating". In fact you are getting a discount.

PLEASE HELP US to bring the next GT RACER film to the audience. We need you ALL. You can pledge as little as ONE Dollar. Every backer is counted. Please be one of them. Thank you.

Google GT RACER and check us out on YouTube and facebook - to learn where we are coming from.

Thanks for your support.

Alexander Davidis


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  1. I would pay to watch the shows if they were online somewhere. We don't get HD Theatre and I haven't seen any of these shows since the first couple.


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