October 5, 2010

Sebastien Loeb joins "Club 7"

Very exclusive club that one, seven time winners of a top category in Mototsport. There's Schumacher of course, Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt in NASCAR, Valentino Rossi (if you count the one 500 cc championship) and now Sebastien Loeb.

Loeb, With Daniel Elena, clinched the 2010 title at Rally France, in his own home town, making it an incredible seven consecutive WRC crowns. The last time someone not named Loeb and driving a Citroen won a title was 2003 when Petter Solberg beat him by one point.

Has Loeb's domination killed off the WRC? I don't think so, if anything it has given the WRC a center during a period when the series has been, pardon the pun, a bit lost in the woods. The amazing thing about him is how very few mistakes he makes, his driving is so phenomenally precise without giving up any speed. Watch the Monte Carlo Clips after the jump, it's no endlessly rehearsed stunt driving, those are real cliffs just off the side.

Loeb has hinted at his retirement at the end of the 2011 season giving him the chance to join and even more exclusive club, "Club 8". That one has only one member, 8 time 500cc champion Giacomo Agostini.

SIde note: Check out the shifter, it's a single fixed paddle in a push pull arrangement, you can barely see Loeb punch it with his knuckles to downshift. More fodder for the paddles on the wheel vs paddles on the column debate.

Clips after the jump

2006 Monte Carlo Rally, note walls, cliff...

Another insane Monte stage


  1. Shumi, even NASCAR, what about 9 time champ Rossi, with 7 in the premier class?

  2. @Roadrunner I had not included him because the first one was in a different formula, but I guess it was the top of the sport at the time so I added him as well. thanks!

  3. What about John Force in the NHRA? He's a 14 time champ I think. That's alot of championships at that level.


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