October 8, 2010

SCCA Solo National Finals Video

It's almost impossible to translate US style Autocross into something visually compelling but this video does a pretty good job.

Fun to take part in, even just for the combined 6 minutes of driving over a week end, the competition at the national level is pretty fierce. For those not familiar, autocross, officially SCCA Solo , is essentially a timed gripfest run on gigantic parking lots. Competitors get three runs on each of two courses with the two best runs on each course added. A two second penalty is given for any cone hit so clean driving is essential. There are classes for almost any kind of car imaginable with very specific rule requirement for each class.

The main point of posting this clip though is to give a shout out to two Axis friends who became national champions this year: Radomin Delgado won A Stock with his #199 2007 Porsche Cayman S and, with the same car, Stephanie Chang won the A Stock Ladies title. Congratulations!

2010 SCCA Solo National Finals Results

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  1. Kudos to RAD!! .... but it was a Cayman S (unless you see it as a Boxster S Coupe?).

    Mid-engine domination in SS and AS....

  2. Yeah, my bad... not sure how that came out :)

  3. This cayman?? ;-)....



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