September 15, 2010

The Turn from Hell

Zolder, Belgium turn one in the rain.

And before you start thinking it's just the wacky racers in the big rigs, wait until 3:05 seconds in this clip, everything from Smarts to Artegas are falling off!

(extra bonus points for the guy in the Smart using his rear hatch as an aero device!)

(Huib van den Nulft)
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  1. Just awesome. Where most racecars would be stopped dead in the gravel, they just plow through like it's nothing. I can't fathom why big rig racing hasn't caught on in the States.

  2. At 53 sec. is a rig to add to the Gulf tribute you posted earlier.

  3. And 1:36, 1:55, and 2:18. Certainly no Michael Delaney, than again...


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