September 2, 2010

The Stig is a state of mind, not a person....

That being said the BBC should probably have paid this guy better...

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  1. apparently ben collins is quite a selfish man, compromising the show's formula for success to further his own personal gain. I hope his book is a massive failure

  2. I wonder if they will find anyone who can lap the top gear test track as well as Ben

  3. I will not buy the book. I love the Stig, not the idiot who plays him.


  4. It's been common knowledge that it was him since Richard Hammond's big crash, and a lot of people knew about it before that - he's never really kept that quiet about it, apart from in front of the cameras!

  5. What Ben Collins and Harper Collins seem to have forgotten is that the only people who will be interested in the book, are followers of the programme... and we'll support the programme before a publishing house and a man who signed an agreement and then broke it.
    We know he 'only' got paid £5-10k a programme.
    We know he listened to Abba.
    We wondered who he was... but that was part of the game... we never really wanted to really know who he was... now we do... and we'll quickly forget and wonder who the new Stig is...

  6. This all about a test driver, who was beaten by Rubens Barichello? ;-)

    I like the myth about the Stig and i personally believe there is no 'one' Stig. Nobody ever noticed the team of BTCC drivers in the camper-fan-race?

    Anyways, lots of fuss about nothing. Don't buy the book, that's the only thing the Stig would do :-)

  7. The stig writes knows only two languages, Binary and Barcode. We cant ready any of those.

  8. After reading Daily Mail's piece about Ben Collins experience on the show I have a better handle on his motivations. Hammond, May and Clarkson have all made ridiculous money on the show while Collins was paid a nominal fee. No doubt, from a economic point of view he is merely a commodity under that helmet, but I can't say I'm remotely surprised that he is choosing to cash in on his experience. He was paid very little and has gathered many years now of tutoring celebrities, etc. And with over 300M Top Gear viewers worldwide (BBC's largest export) there's probably just a bit of a market for the book. Can't say I blame the guy.


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