September 5, 2010

Porsche Club Race: New Jersey Motorsport Park


Another great performance by our CG at the Porsche Club of America races at New Jersey Motorsport Park last month. You got two races, two stories, same result...of course!

"Started from pole (out of 12) in class, but had my worst start ever. Almost everyone was earlier full throttle and went wide in T2 trying to make up for it.
Went back to P4 and had to reel back in the positions 1 by 1.

Took me 15 laps to get back the 400yds I lost on P Debusmann and G Crawford in their 993s. My car is faster for a few laps but then it becomes a handful in the fast corners without the help of rear Wing. Had to lift in the faster corners and it was a tight battle between the top 4 in class.

Was able to play the traffic to my advantage and make the pass for the lead just before a double yellow, and then fend off P. Debusmann for the last few laps before the checker.

Video includes front and rear view cam of the tight racing with the 4 top cars in class."

Race 2 after the jump

"Started the Sprint 2 P3 in class as I didnt get the fast laps in Sprint1 due to my poor start.
Managed to move to P1 in lap 1 before the double yellow and then got Baron Jacobs on the restart. Held him at bay for a few laps but I got slower as I started to have to lift more each lap on the fast corners where the rear wandered without the Wing (to prevent lift).
Tremper passed me for P1 and we had a good dog fight with one more pass each for position until I finally got him helped by traffic.
Ended winning race defending against Glen Crawford for the last few laps. Hard work!!



  1. Great vids as usual!

    It seems like the left-most "temp" is coolant temp, and the middle might be oil temp; can't figure out what the right side one is, trans?


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