September 26, 2010

Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 race debut video

The Gullwing GT3 SLS literally thundered through the Eiffel forest in its race debut in a VLN race, The Barbarossa Cup, this past Saturday.

The big AMG driven by Berndt Schneider ran in an "Experimental" class separate from the GT3 Porsches, BMW z4 and Audi R8. The best lap time was 8:32 (including the GP track) compared to the 8:21 of the 911 GT3 R of Lucas Luhr and Richard Westbrook or even the 8:24 of the Dörr Motorsport Z4. But VLN is not FIA GT so comparisons are not totally accurate.

For further reference, a 996 GT3 Cup Chris Harris was co-driving had a best lap of 8:53 and Sabine Schmitz lapped some unspecified GT3 in 8:27.

Wagnerian soundtrack aside, the car retired with 3 laps to go. But damn, that sound... turn it up!

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  1. Sounds great. However, it'll never top:

  2. Sounds like an ME109 which I guess is appropriate.

    My kind of sound here

  3. It sounds like a more badass 'Vette. However, in looking at it - it reminds me of the new Z4 GT3 except pulled and enlongated in every direction.

  4. To be precise it did not retired with 3 laps to go. It retired 3 laps before the race was red flagged. The red flag came roughly at 73% of the race, so there were still more than an hour to go...

  5. I'm sorry, but it's the same problem i have with the Vettes, it sounds almost like flatulence when not going absolutely full tilt.

    And it definitely does not sound like an ME-109 (DB605 engine).

    Just missing the supercharger sound there :)

  6. So the SLS must have been 3 laps down, T&S show it with 17 laps vs 20 of the leaders...

  7. The SLS at the start collided with the leader and, as you can see from the videos, got hit by the R8. The SLS went straight to the pits through the pit entrance at the COca Cola Kurve and stayed in the pits for some 25-30 minutes in order to have the damages repaired and then rejoined the race. As far as I know they stayed in the race til the red flag. You can check the official results at


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