September 18, 2010

Like Horsepower?

These guys have more :) Reno Air Races

(of course I''d like to see how these boys do on a 200+mph MotoGP bike but hey, it's all showbiz, not just the RedBull Air Races, right?)

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  1. Ah yes, the Reno Air Races, specifically the Unlimited Warbirds are something one has to experience first hand. I love big power piston engine aircraft, let alone old Warbirds.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. That reminds me, here is a short clip from a few low passes out in the field.

    Few things sound better than a tweaked Merlin in a P-51 :)

  3. And speaking of low altitude/high speed passes ... take it away Alain de Cadenet

  4. On the topic of low pass fly by's this one is the best. the guy does not even flinch

  5. I've seen the Red Bull Air Race in Budapest, Hungary and I have to say that they are nuts. Coming in at 200+ miles an hour, four feet off the Danube five feet from the bottom oƒ the bridge into a barrel roll. All of this fifty feet from the audience and the city buildings. It's nuts check it out:

  6. We're on the field at Reno this weekend and the wind has picked up terribly overnight (I'm actually in Tahoe at the moment and it's howling). If this wind will settle down, I honestly think we may see the fastest Unlimited Gold race in history this afternoon.



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