September 14, 2010

Heavy Hitter

Everyone photographed this F10 2012 BMW M5 tearing around the Nürburgring fog recently, the fifth version of the original super saloon looks much less controversial that outgoing e60 but is likely to be the heaviest M5 yet, well over the e60's 4016lbs kerb weight. The current F10 550 sedan declares 4376 lbs, we can't imagine the M5 will weigh much less.

The question is, does it matter and will anyone care?

It does not matter: in the past couple of years we have seen that surprising performance can be engineered into behemoths, the M5 will be miles faster and nicer to drive than the 5000lbs plus X6M while using a similar power train ( will we see the first 4wd M sedan btw?)

Nobody will care:... except the fellas changing tires and brake pads on the Ring Taxis because nobody in their right mind will track these things.

So the new M5 will happily continue the tradition of spanking AMGs while not looking as ridiculous as Panameras. Win WIn.

Check out an interview with the the Head of the MDivision, Kay Segler, over to Bimmerfile for some thoughts about weight.


  1. Well stated. Take, for instance, the case of a Manual E90 M3 without a Sunroof... It can weigh in @ 3,660 with about 3/4 of a tank of gas.

    Colin Chapman grade nut-jobs still cringe, but I have never driven any other heavy fast car (in anger) that hides its mass to well. Modern fast cars (with few exceptions) are full of stuff that makes them heavy and IT CAN NOT BE AVOIDED. If you want light, it ain't gonna be cheap.

    If you are so OCD about this topic that you can't stand it, then buy your Lotus Exige and then STFU. Team Corvette did an admirable job making the C6 Z06 somewhat light and somewhat affordable.

  2. Weight, like the horsepower war is a dead end. Makers will have to eventually figure out how to make even "normal" cars lighter.

  3. You can hear it has a double clutch (DSG) gearbox

  4. I think there is not doubt it will be DSG, probably only DSG

  5. I couldn't watch it. Tyres being ripped apart like that gives me nightmares. A limo like that has no place on a track IMO.

  6. you can defiantly hear that its turbo. this should be cool for tuners.

  7. There was an E39 M5 that showed up to many track days in Dallas, TX. It had a chip, exhaust, and some suspension upgrades. It was his dedicated track machine with R compounds and everything. He was quick in it. Quicker than me, anyways, and my ride prob weighed 500lbs less at least.

  8. "So the new M5 will happily continue the tradition of spanking AMGs while not looking as ridiculous as Panameras. Win Win."

    Spanking AMGs ? You BMW fan boys are funny :)


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