September 24, 2010

Flex and that silly chicane!

I thought the splitter was not supposed to be flexible... also interesting is how much the ride height changes at speed. I suppose it's because of the need for a soft setup to deal with that dumb, dumb chicane? Check it out after the jump...


  1. As I understand with less air under the car the undertray/diffuser generates less drag, too. You'll loose some downforce though.

  2. Every splitter in the paddock will give when it hits a curb, otherwise they would break off.

    The practical reality is that there is no way to have splitter (or wing) that does not flex. This is why the FIA rulebook creates empirical tests that define exactly how much flex can exist in terms of allowable deflection at specific levels of pressure. It is the job of the designer to take the rules as written and build the fastest car they can within the parameters given. ETM

  3. Yeah, I guess flexing downwards is what the FIA was concerned about.

    But that Chicane..seriously, they need to to get rid of that crap.

  4. What a joke, they can't figure out how to design a reasonable curb? You are not supposed to have to worry about completely destroying your car from driving straight over a curb.

  5. This is amazing footage. Where did you get this from?
    This is totally illegal flexing of the floor. No other teams cars do this. The increase load test was meant to stop this but RB have just stuck 2 fingers up at the FIA, the other teams and the fans!
    Can you put the high speed on youtube as well please so i can imbed it in other sites.


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